10 things you remember about Hull’s most colourful restaurant

Anyone who lived in Hull during the 1990s is bound to have spent an evening or two at a particular restaurant in Anlaby Common.

Dominic’s on Hull Road was arguably the best-known Italian restaurant in the entire city, with flocks of people regularly heading out to the family-run business to celebrate birthdays, promotions, and just not having to do the cooking for a night! Now, yearon from its closure, Dominic’s is still sorely missed by many.

From pizza to singing waiters, to aquatic friends, there was always something at Dominic’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Reflecting on years of good times, Hull Live readers offered their fondest memories of the restaurant. How many of these things do you remember?

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1. The Fish Tank

Who could forget the underfloor fish tank? The absolute centrepiece of Dominic’s, countless children will have stared at that tank over the years, trying to find the Octopus. Sarah said: “I remember this place when you took me when I was little! I loved the fish tank under the floor.”

Dawn added: “Remember I thought I was falling in the fish tank.” Richard said: “I was terrified people would fall through the fish tank!”

The famous underfloor fish tank at Dominic’s Restaurant, Anlaby Common.

2. Garlic Bread

The garlic bread at Dominic’s was the stuff of legend, making it an absolute must-have for anyone visiting the restaurant. Sabrina said: “Loved the garlic breads in there especially the tomato one and watching them make it.”

Alan agreed: “One of the best garlic breads ever.” Vidia said: “Yes we loved it there and enjoyed many special celebrations. The garlic bread was the best I have had.”

3. Birthday Sombreros

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by being sung to by the waiters and having a sombrero plonked on your head? The Mexican hats were an absolute hit with the kids!

Claire said: “The staff put a sombrero on you and sang on your birthday! Lovely food and the fish tank! Many happy memories there.”

Staff members would sing 'happy birthday'
Staff members would sing ‘happy birthday’
(Image: Rob Stebbing)

4. Birthday Sparklers

What could be better than a birthday sombrero, I hear you ask? Well, how about a birthday hat with a sparkler on it to entertain the young ones?

Susan said: “And the hat with a sparkler on top if it was your birthday great times.” Elaine replied: “I was going to mention that fun times.”

5. Twirling Dough

Another fond memory that a lot of people had was of the chef’s twirling pizza dough right before your eyes from the open kitchen. Nothing quite works up an appetite like seeing your food being prepared! Caroline said: “Absolutely loved this place, and the chef twirling the pizza dough!”

Families enjoying Dominic’s in 2005.

6. Ribs

Dominic’s were known for their delicious food and for the quality of their meat, which is why the ribs in particular stood out for one Hull Live reader. Katryna said: “I remember being allowed the bbq ribs at a family birthday… I must’ve been under 10 years old and the ribs must’ve been good for me to remember!”

7. Valet Service

Another brilliant memory from Dominic’s has got to be the valet service, where a member of the staff would take your keys and park your car for you. How many places in Hull can say they do that, these days?

Janet said: “The food was delicious and I’m sure they had valet parking!” Helen added: “Went with my husband in 1995, you used to drive up and have your car parked for you.”

Pauline said: “Great restaurant lovely food and service if you had a nice car it got parked on the front.”

The legendary restaurant offered valet service
The legendary restaurant offered valet service

8. Playing Cards

One customer had a bizarre yet brilliant memory from his days dining at Dominic’s. He recalled playing a game of cards with the owners – for cash! Mark said: “Remember having a game of cards high stakes with the foreign owners and winning … great times!”

9. Trio of Fish

Known for the quality of their fish as well as their meat, one Hull Live reader couldn’t help but dote on her favourite dish from Dominic’s. Rachael said: “Omg my fave restaurant. The trio of fish and the garlic breads that were real fat like cakes!”

A big night out at Dominic’s in the 1990s.

10. Low prices

Finally, one of the best memories a lot of people had about Dominic’s was how low the prices were. This allowed normal people to go out and treat themselves to a meal more often than they might have otherwise.

Hannah said: “You could get starters for £1.50, a main for £5 and even a bottle of wine for less than £6. Those really were the days. No wonder we ate out so much!”


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