Amazing aerial photos reveal what Hull looked like 50 years ago

See how many changes you can spot since these images were captured half a century ago

Aerial photos are able to offer great insight into just how much can change between two points in time. Hull has undergone significant alterations in the last 50 years, with both subtle and major redevelopments changing the city’s landscape.

The previous five decades have seen the arrival of new shopping centres, in the form of Princes Quay and St Stephen’s among others, as well as the construction of major roads we sometimes forget didn’t used to be there, like the A63. These unearthed images were all snapped from the sky in 1973, making it exactly 50 years to have passed since.

This era proved to be somewhat of a crossroads for the city, with the gradual erosion of long-lasting industries coupled with further modernisation and expansion still on the horizon. What changes can you spot? Let us know in the comments!