Amazing pictures of the Easter ‘Pink Moon’ which was biggest and brightest of 2022

Savvy snappers in Hull and East Yorkshire have captured some amazing pictures of last night’s ‘Pink Moon’ with another opportunity to catch it tonight.

The ‘Pink Moon’ peaked at 7.55pm on Saturday, April 16, but will still appear full until the early hours of Monday. While the name has nothing to do with the actual colour of the Moon, under the right conditions it can appear pink.

April’s full moon is traditionally known as the Pink Moon, as it coincides with the flowering of a type of moss called Phlox Subulata in North America. The Moon can also appear bigger near the horizon due to an effect called the Moon Illusion.

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The phenomenon happens when the Moon is close to the horizon and the Sun’s light reflected towards Earth is filtered through clouds, dust or pollution in the atmosphere. Nasa explains that the trick is rooted in the way our brain processes visual information, though there is still no satisfying scientific explanation for it.

The US space agency wrote in a blog post last year: “Despite the fact that people have been observing this illusion for thousands of years, we still don’t have a rock-solid scientific explanation for it. Perhaps trees, mountains, and buildings help to trick your brain into thinking the Moon is both closer and bigger than it is.”

Here are the best pictures of last night’s moon from the Hull Daily Mail Photo and Video Club:

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