Hull DJ’s 38 hour non-stop New Years stream to raise money for mental health charity

A Hull DJ will stream for 38 hours non-stop this New Year to raise money for mental health charities after a difficult 2022 in which he lost someone close.

Alex Render, a former plumber and teacher, launched Locked Down Radio during lockdown when people were struggling with their mental health. His radio station has grown massively since then, reaching thousands of listeners every day, and he will use it to raise money for the mental health charity Samaritans.

Alex lost a friend to mental health this year and he himself was in hospital as he suffered with his mental health. He will stream for 38 hours constantly, from 10am on New Year’s Eve (Saturday, 31 December) to midnight on New Year’s Day (Sunday, 1 January) to give people somewhere to go and he is aiming to raise £500 for Samaritan’s.

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Alex said: “I lost a friend a couple of weeks ago to mental health. We want to make a big statement to say we are here, you’re not alone. This time of year is really hard for people, we’ve got DJs from all over the world playing.

“It’s all over the world that people are losing people to mental health and it’s a big thing that needs to be ironed out. I’ve suffered with my mental health personally.

“I was in hospital this year suffering. It is something that’s close to my heart as well.”

Locked Down Radio's New Year's Day line-up
Locked Down Radio’s New Year’s Day line-up
(Image: Alex Render)

Alex said his radio station is somewhere people can go to if they are not going to go out to celebrate the new year so they can listen to the music and have a party in their own house. DJs from across the world will be playing including America, Austria, New Zealand, Poland, India and South Africa.

He also described it as a platform where people don’t have to show their face but can listen to the music to their “heart’s content”. Alex wanted to bring people’s attention to mental health and he thinks New Year is the perfect occasion as some people will be thinking of fresh starts.

He added: “I just want people to know they’re not alone. There is always going to be someone there to help and to support them.

“I’ve given my number to loads of random people who I don’t really know and I said look, if you’re ever struggling call me. I’m always here to listen to people and help if I can.”

Alex said he called out to DJs on Facebook and explained what he will be doing on New Year’s Day to raise awareness of mental health. He said the amount of people who contacted him to take part, including some who had never played on a radio station before, was “fantastic”.

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