I explored the ‘haunted’ cellar beneath a Hull pub and felt a sudden chill

The large cellar beneath the Corn Exchange pub is rumoured to be haunted.

The pub is in Old Town between Hull Minster and Trinity Market. I went underground into the cellar to see if I could sense anything out of the ordinary.

To get to the cellar I had to go down a small set of stairs. As I walked down I didn’t feel nervous or frightened at the prospect of entering an underground, supposedly haunted place so I was quite calm.

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Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs I began to explore the cellar. Straight away I noticed the size of it.

It is certainly large as there are three parts to it and one of them used to have a tunnel that would lead to other parts of the city. From looking around it was clear that the building is old so it’s no surprise that there are rumours that the cellar is haunted.

Stairs leading to the 'haunted' cellar under the Corn Exchange pub in Hull
Stairs leading to the ‘haunted’ cellar under the Corn Exchange pub in Hull
(Image: Richard Addison)

Walking around the different parts of the cellar I didn’t hear any ghostly noises, see anything move on its own or any of the usual cliches in a horror movie. I did feel a sudden chill at one point…but that was just the cooler that is used to regulate the temperature of the beer.

The lights were on when I first went into the cellar but then they were switched off. I still didn’t feel scared or notice anything spooky.

I spoke to one of the owners of the pub, Sammi, who said that she hasn’t seen anything strange in the cellar either, although the pub has only been open for a few weeks. However, she has noticed something unusual in the bar area because she said that after placing the bottles on the shelves, they seem to move forwards to the edge on their own as nobody moves them there.

Although I didn’t detect any paranormal activity in the cellar myself, the local Hull historian and author Mike Covell will be leading a paranormal investigation with his team in the cellar on Thursday, October 27 from 8pm until midnight. People can buy a ticket to join in with the investigation by going to the pub or getting in touch on Facebook but there are only five left.

Earlier this week Mike took BBC Radio Humberside on a tour of the cellar. He said: “It’s believed that it’s haunted. It’s documented that it’s haunted. I can’t answer that myself but hopefully we will find out.”

The Corn Exchange is owned by a sister trio, Sammi,Chelsea and Emily who offer all home-cooked food including traditional Sunday lunch. It is on 1-4 North Church Side, Hull, HU1 1RP.

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