New gym to open in Hull that ‘guarantees weight-loss’

Barry O’Shea is thrilled to open his second gym in Hull

A new gym is set to open in Hull that claimed to “guarantee” the weight-loss of members.

BOSSFIT Academy was launched six years ago by former drug-addict Barry O’Shea, who has turned his life around through fitness. After losing six stone through his tried and tested weight-loss system, Barry is now passing that knowledge on to others through his academy.

Barry has now opened his second gym in Hull: the BOSSFIT Academy Training Assessment Centre on Freetown Way. The new gym is for BOSSFIT’s new Hybrid packages where members can either train with a BOSSFIT trainer or learn the techniques and continue on their own in their local gym or even at home.

“The inside of the Gym has been designed specifically to assess and meet the needs of our BOSSFIT community. Being a weight loss specialist before we move into muscle building, we have some members that join largely overweight so I’ve built BOSSTHENICS workouts and use equipment that progresses members from entry level up to elite level.

“I’ve tried my best to take away the anxiety and insecurities surrounding the gym atmosphere, especially when first attending. Being overweight and not knowing where to look or what to do – we remove all of that and base the gym solely on assessments and training one on one.

“Our number one purpose is to assess members and take them through a three-stage process using our new Hybrid package with equipment and systems that not only targets fitness, but wellbeing and life in general. We leave no stone unturned, which is why our transformations range from one to nine stone, again and again.

As a new member Katie said after losing over a stone in her first 30 days on the Hybrid package and winning the BOSSFIT Monthly Achievers Award: “Am loving how it’s making me feel, I feel terrific, I’ve not felt this good in years.”

The new BOSSFIT Academy Training Assessment Centre is located on Freetown Way. You can find out more by clicking here.