Primark shoppers go mad for ‘amazing’ £38 jacket which they say is same as £290 North Face version

Primark is well known for its many designer label dupes and now its latest offering is building up a buzz on social media. The £38 teddy-fabric jacket has been hailed as “warm and cosy”.

It hit the mark with shoppers as the latest cold snap hit much of the UK. As the temperatures plummeted many pulled out their warmest clothing to beat the freeze.

And one buyer posted her find on TikTok encouraging others to give it a go. Claiming it was just like a The North Face coat which sets buyers back £290 she urged followers the “stop what you’re doing” to go and get one, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The fluffy coat has the teddy bear fabric on the body and arms. It also has waterproof material on the check and shoulders.

It comes in a two-tone design of beige and cream. It zips up and has a zip-up hood hidden in the collar.

@jessicahamilton posted a video to TikTok showing herself trying on her new coat from Primark for the first time. Jessica tells her followers: “I have got the most perfect North Face Jacket dupe that I wanted to quickly show you. Oh my god look at it.

“This one is £38, it is an insulated jacket, very warm and very cosy. Oh god I’m obsessed, I absolutely love it… “

On discovering the hidden hood she says: “See how waterproof I am for winter. She’s ready for the rain.” And then on discovering an inside pocket she says: “Stop what you’re doing, run to Primark and grab one of these.”

The North Face jacket would cost £290 but Primark’s similar dupe is priced at £38. This means shoppers could save £252 by opting for the dupe.

One happy TikToker commented: “[running emoji] me omw to Primark, omg you always pull”. While another said: “through with the best finds”.

A third added: “COSY COSY COSY”. Another said: “I love it, loveee”.

While Primark doesn’t offer an online shop, the retailer does have a website where shoppers can see its latest products and check if they’re in stock before heading into stores to purchase them.

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