The two mistakes people make at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl and other supermarkets, according to expert

A thrifty supermarket expert has warned shoppers that there are two ways to make sure you keep bills under control during the cost of living crisis. Charlotte Jessop is the founder of a finance blog and has some tips.

She told the Sun that keeping things in check will make sure there’s food on the table as people tighten their belts. Charlotte is the founder of finance blog and explained that the most important thing to do is go armed with a strict list.

It might seem obvious to many of us, but if you’re going to the shops without a list, you’re more likely to pick up food you don’t need – which can soon add up, reports BirminghamLive.

Planning your meals and writing down only what you need to buy is the “easiest and most impactful way” of reducing your grocery spend, Charlotte said. It means you can raid your fridge, freezer and cupboard to see what you’re short of and pick it up at the store – instead of guessing what you need and wasting cash on unnecessary items.

“Making a food plan can help prevent food waste – which is bad for the environment and your bank balance,” she said. It’s estimated that households waste £800 every year on wasted food.

Getting tempted by promotions could also be your downfall. There is usually a mix of food on offer at the end of the aisles – and because they’re in a prime position, it looks like a bargain.

But don’t be tricked into splashing your cash – instead of saving money, you’ll usually be spending more on these items, Charlotte said. “These might look like good deals but often they are not the cheapest products,” she added.

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