Weather experts on how much snow Hull and East Yorkshire will get as map shows ‘heavy’ forecast

Met Office yellow weather warnings for snow have been in place throughout the week.

Hull is set to see frequent snow showers, some heavy, over the next three days, according to weather experts.

The city saw its first significant snow of 2023 on Wednesday morning. Showers are likely to continue until noon, according to the Met Office, with more snow to come this evening.

Snow showers will continue to fall over Hull in the early hours of Thursday, according to the Met Office forecast, but could give way to rain on Thursday afternoon. However, more heavy snow is predicted on Friday morning, which could affect the morning rush-hour commute.

Meanwhile, Abbie Dewhurst, the forecaster for BBC Radio Humberside, said snow could begin to accumulate later on Wednesday afternoon and overnight into Thursday.

On-and-off showers would continue into tomorrow, with a lot more cloud overnight, she added. Thursday would be cloudy, with rain, sleet and snow making its way towards the north-east. Meanwhile, a snow map by forecasting service Meteored shows potential for heavy snow on Friday morning.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for potential disruption from snow on Thursday and Friday. Snowfall could lead to travel delays and potential power cuts.

Earlier, it predicted around 5cm-10cm of snow could potentially fall at low elevations, with 20cm possible in more northern areas.

In its second warning statement this week, the Met Office said: “Snow could develop quite widely across the warning area through Thursday and Friday as a potentially deep area of low pressure moves across the UK. Parts of Northern Ireland, north Wales and northern England are currently expected to see the worst of the conditions develop from early on Thursday, with parts of Scotland and northern England then seeing snow arrive from Thursday afternoon.

“Snow across central and northern areas will and persist through much of Friday, while across the southern portion of the warning area, snow will turn back to rain through Thursday afternoon and evening. Event totals could bring 3 to 5 cm widely across this area, with 5 to 10 cm of snow across broad areas, even at low elevations, with potentially 15 to 20 cm accumulating across the central and northern areas.”